Lorena Lucero outside of Winter Wonderland in London

Winter Wonderland- London

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas market in London that’s become one of the biggest winter attractions throughout the years. With free admissions to the park, it really sets the mood for both, Londoners and tourists without really feeling the need to have to book an attraction.

But, why do I recommend pre-booking? Because you get to skip the line!

Winter Wonderland-London

View of the crowd waiting to enter Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland- Pre-bookable Attractions

Not only does pre-booking get you through the door faster, but it also guarantees admission to the entertainment since they work in timed ‘slots’ or ‘sessions.’

Some attractions have peak and off-peak prices for adults and children. Others are just a standard price for adults and children.

Adult prices vary from 9.50 GBP to 15.00 GBP

Children (12 years and younger) prices vary from 6.00 GBP to 9.00 GBP

*Family packs are also available*

What attractions does Winter Wonderland offer?

  • Ice Skating – Self-explanatory. They offer a penguin skating aid for first timers, or you can also purchase time for an ice skating guide! A fun fact: It’s the largest open-air ice skating ring in the UK!
  • Lorena Lucero Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland- LondonThe Magical Ice Kingdom (Did not attend) – This attraction showcases ice sculptures with a deep sea theme (Dec 2017).
  • Bar Ice – A ticket to this bar buys you a festive cocktail. They offer ponchos and gloves to keep warm. The time slot is only 20 minutes, but your fingertips will freeze in only 10… Trust me, you’ll want to leave way before it’s over!! Except for the floor, EVERYTHING is made of ice… including the cocktail glasses!
  • Giant Wheel (Did not attend) – It’s clearly much smaller than the London eye, but rumors are that you can still have a great view of the city. When I went there, the line was INCREDIBLY long… obviously, it’s in high demand. You also have an option to upgrade your ticket and skip the line!
  • Zippos Circus (Did not attend) – Before attending Winter Wonderland, I’ve never heard of this circus, but apparently, it’s been going on for YEARS in London and can also be fun entertainment. Lorena Lucero at Bar Ice in Winter Wonderland- London Lorena Lucero at Ice Bar in Winter Wonderland- London
  • Cirque Berserk (Did not attend) – A new stunt show!
  • The Sooty Christmas Show (Did not attend) – The Sooty show is a popular puppet show in the UK and it’s ideal for any Londoner since it pertains to childhood memories. From what I noticed, the show seemed just as relevant to Christmas as Santa Clause!
  • Cinderella on Ice (Did not attend) – Also, self-explanatory, but this one is supposed to have a modern twist.
  • Bar Hütte (Did not attend) – These are individual huts built for the winter… They come with karaoke machines and serving hosts. You can upgrade to use blankets and hot water.

Winter Wonderland- London

We only purchased tickets for two attractions, but personally, I feel that that was more than enough! The entire park would take a day to circle, and you can enjoy street food, rides, and just walking around taking in the cold.

London gets dark around 4 PM, so to make the most out of it, I recommend getting past the gate before that to enjoy the sunset and watch the park light up before your eyes.

This park is perfect to buy festive gifts and souvenirs. When you first walk in, you’ll see a long aisle of tents that sell everything from clothes to ornaments to drinks and toys! It’ll be tempting to spend all of your money, but there is so much more to see and buy the deeper you go into the park. I suggest to take the time to see everything first and then circle around.

The park has a lot of German influence and really puts into perspective the ‘why’ of many Christmas customs. Most, if not all, street food and drinks are German.

Things to keep in mind

  • Food can be a little over-priced. Eat before attending and buy just bites to eat to try a little bit of everything.
  • Go in shoes you can walk in all day. Even the super thick low heels won’t cut it.
  • Arrive an hour before your scheduled slot to compensate for the time that you get lost looking for your venue.
  • Pre-booking is worth the extra money! The line to go in really is outrageous!
  • Purses are checked. No outside food or drinks are allowed.

Lorena Lucero at Winter Wonderland- London

-Lorena Lucero

When you visit London and attend Winter Wonderland, don’t just go – Be a Pro!

I’ve left a few more photos below to enjoy!

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