To be, or not to be.

The hardest part in life is becoming that proactive person you see yourself as. You have ideas of what you want, you have thoughts about how to get them done, but you’re not sure how to begin. Truth is, a productive day begins the day before, and I don’t mean with a good night sleep—you need a foundation.

  • Buying a pocket calendar and jotting down errands made me realize that I have more to get done than just sitting around. One thing leads to another, but the trick is to keep going. The saying, “if you want something to get done, give it to a busy person” is one that I can definitely vouch for!
  • An interesting habit that I adopted as part of my daily routine, and by chance, if I may add, was to tidy up at night. Spending about 15 minutes every evening to organize clutter really pays off in the morning. After all, nothing is more encouraging to be active than to wake up to a clean home, right?
  • Choosing a next-day outfit saves so much time! It eliminated my never-ending-zombie stare into the closet, and now, instead of endlessly trying on different clothes, I use that time to make coffee and possibly watch a bit of news because, well, that’s what informed people do.
  • As silly as it may sound, making the bed every morning and knowing that nothing is lost under those covers makes for an unconsciously less stressful day. Not to mention, it gives the impression that the room is actually clean… Hmmm, perhaps I could even skip tidying up and just lay on it all day…

We all want that lazy day in life, but you’ll realize that you can feel more relief at the end of the day knowing that your to-do list is checked off and your goals are in progress. Personal accomplishments can do so much more for your everyday well-being than what we give them credit for.

-Lorena Lucero

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