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RacePace- Houston

After four weeks of not being able to work out at home, I was in desperate need of a good workout! Every gym I’d visit wanted to sell a membership or make me sign paperwork for a ‘free trial,’ but here’s what happened with Race Pace in Houston.

About Race Pace:

The first visit is free.

The instructors specialize in treadmill training. Race Pace consists of one super modernized room lit up with neon lights and stocked with about 24 treadmills.

The gym offers treadmill training classes in packages and monthly memberships. You can check out the times and availability here and the prices here.

Classes are given at three levels:

      • Starting Line: Beginner
      • Speed: Intermediate
      • Endurance: Expert

Race Pace has 4 trainers, 2 of whom I met; Jeff led my class and Shiva handled the front line. Shiva was our biggest fan, and Jeff’s energy set the mood for the entire workout.

If you love personal service and making new friends to work out with, this is definitely the gym for you! I gave my name only once at the front desk along with six other people that also signed up for the class. She remembered all of us, and it felt as if I’d known the staff a while!

I had no idea what I was getting into, but most of the people that worked out there were marathon runners. Apparently, they have pretty effective programs to train for marathons and offer weight-loss programs that actually hold people accountable for their progress and classes.

I signed up for the Starting Line class and, although challenging, I thought that it was bearable because I usually work out with the Insanity program. I went with a friend who is the complete opposite of me; out of shape, an introvert, and gets embarrassed too easily—also finished the class at his own pace without feeling intimidated by everyone else.

What I loved about this gym is the friendliness of the environment. It didn’t carry the competitive feel, but I still felt encouraged to push myself harder. Whether it was the darkness of the room, the music they played, the people that worked there, or all of the above, this is definitely a gym I recommend to anyone that is or wants to get into cardio.

I love my current workout routine, but for those days that I need a change of scenery, this gym is the perfect alternative to work out and network because, unlike many gyms, they offer single-class passes, and not to mention, they’re in the city, so might as well make it a day trip!

Visit their website for more details.

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