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Everyone knows that Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important holidays in the U.S. It celebrates, not only the birth of a nation, but the natives that made the settlement possible, and despite all of the clichés and its dark history, it truly is a moment to be thankful for. It’s an excuse to unite and put family feuds aside!

This year, the American Business Group brought home to Milan. Although I’d never observed Thanksgiving away from family, it was interesting to celebrate with others from different U.S. backgrounds. We couldn’t help making politics the hot topic of the day, and as awkward as I thought it’d be, it wasn’t at all! Guest speaker, Alberto Martinelli, was well prepared to discuss national and global economics as well as foreign and domestic affairs. It was a day to explore other points of view and analyze situations from different perspectives.

I was excited to celebrate this Thursday with fellow expats, but it was also a pleasure to attend the luncheon at the Hotel dei Cavalieri in the center of Milan. With only a ten-minute walk to the Piazza del Duomo, a shopaholic will find his or her paradise. A history-obsessed junkie will enjoy the city’s historic center, the main museums and Milan’s most important churches. The ambiance of the hotel was elegant and professional, but definitely enjoyable by anyone visiting the capital of fashion. A delicious Italian-American dish prepared by Il Ristorante dell’Hotel dei Cavalieri on the ground floor of the hotel couldn’t have set us in a better mood!

I’m thankful to Italy for all that it has to offer. From culture to sight-seeing and its amazing people, I couldn’t have chosen a better country to work in!

-Lorena Lucero

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