Lorena Lucero - boss look

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Lorena Lucero - boss look

1 Dress 3 Feels: Boss

Professionalism is in your demeanor, not in what you wear, but what you wear does affect how you act.

Lorena Lucero - H&M, Zara, DSW

1 Dress 3 Feels: Look Two – Trendy

I found that when you shop in your city, you end up with things everyone else has. I started holding on to my money and buying things only when I travel because department stores carry different items in different cities and more in other countries.

Lorena Lucero - H&M summer dress

1 Dress 3 Feels: Look One – Basic

“If you want to have money, you have to live cheap!” A quote from my cousin that resonates with me even now.

Fella dressed in yella - Lorena Lucero attended the Hank Moore event dressed in a yellow top.

Fella dressed in Yella

The trick to making a statement is to buy those pieces everyone else is afraid to rock! Once you’ve stocked your closet with one-in-a-million pieces, you can dress up or down and still look like the fashionista you’re meant to be.

Lorena Lucero- How to dress like a pro

How to dress like a Pro

How to dress like a Pro It seems like a simple concept. Get up, get dressed, and leave the house! But getting dressed isn’t just about buying clothes and wearing it. It’s about buying the RIGHT pieces and wearing them! The ‘right pieces of clothing’ means having the right color