Lorena Lucero - How-to makeup for beginners

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Lorena Lucero - How-to makeup for beginners

Makeup in a Nutshell

4 Easy Steps to Applying Makeup the Right Way! If you’re overwhelmed by the makeup movement, here is the process of applying makeup explained in four easy steps!

KISS eyelashes on Lorena Lucero

5 Reasons why fake lashes are a great idea!

Time and time again, life has taught me to NOT be so judgmental because one day I may just be doing the same thing… Well, this is true with fake eyelashes.

Best Facial Waxing Strips Kit

A product becomes a household name through seniority in the marketplace. How long the product sticks, however, is due to its quality and usefulness. What’s the best waxing brand for facial waxing?

Three different hair styles for humid weather

How to tame hair in the humidity

Quick, effortless tips to tame hair in the humidity

Minimalist makeup look with lorena lucero

How to apply minimalist makeup

Learning how to apply minimalist makeup is good for many reasons. For the days that you shouldn’t look over the top but still presentable, for humid days, for “I’m not feeling well” days, for running errands days, and the list goes on and on…

Make up on the floor

Why organize your makeup

  Somehow it took me years to wrap my head around organizing my makeup. If this is still you, please don’t put off organizing your morning routine!! Trust me, organizing my makeup saves me so much time in the mornings and it saves me from skipping any ‘steps’ like applying

Lorena Lucero drinking water under the sun

5 Reasons to Drink More Water

We’re all told as children to “drink more water because soft drinks are bad for your health.” We treat water as a chore when actually, it’s more of a favor to ourselves. Honestly, it’s not rocket science. You can drink water for just one day and feel the difference! Now

Lorena Lucero hair Brazilian Complex- Coppala, Smoothing treatment

Brazilian Smoothing Hair Treatment- Coppola

How to get frizz-free hair INSTANTLY.