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Engaged to the Man of my dreams

I’ve always had this crazy idea that I was going to be a single mother for sure (by choice, obviously) and never married. I can tell you that no one truly ‘floated’ my boat, and it was really hard for me to not feel smothered or annoyed. I was fully

Houston, we have an opportunity!

After Amazon turned down Houston for HQ2, it’s no surprise that organizations throughout our city are now coming together to make sure that Houston doesn’t stay behind in the era of technology and innovation.

Paquita- dog laying on the floor

Prices of and experience with Vets in the U.S.

Everyone who knows me knows that my dog is my life! I would do anything to make sure she has everything she needs, but over time, I’ve realized how much veterinarians actually rip people off and became much more stingy and picky on where to take her (especially these mainstream

Lorena Lucero University of Houston degree

Better late…

Yep, I’m one of those… college dropout at 20, then tried to reinvent my life with no true direction or goals, but one day at 22 (maybe 23), I went to the park… I had no one to turn to or talk to. I cried for a while.  I needed a

To be, or not to be.

The hardest part in life is becoming that proactive person you see yourself as. You have ideas of what you want, you have thoughts about how to get them done, but you’re not sure…

Working Abroad

Milan is where I tested the power of will. I moved to a new country with no social network, no knowledge of local…