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Brazilian Smoothing Hair Treatment- Coppola

Houston- Summer is here, and long-curly-thick-haired heads know exactly what that means! We NEED a miracle PRONTO, or keep waking up at 4 a.m. to make time for our hair.

I’ve spent years wondering how super models can live near the beach and still have perfect hair on their Instagram selfies. Are they always picture perfect? I mean, I know you can train a smile or a pose, but how the heck do you train hair?

Friday- I decided to finally try out some smoothing treatment I’ve heard about. It’s supposed to get rid of frizz and fly-aways for a minimum of three months. Today is the following Monday. Here’s the spill:

  • Treatment: Brazilian Complex Smoothing Treatment by Coppola
  • Price: $350 more or less
  • Application method (done by a professional hairdresser):
    • Apply from root to tips all over hair.
    • Leave for 40 minutes (Do NOT rinse).
    • Blow-dry with a round brush and small sections for natural curls.
      • Your hair is supposed to feel brittle.
      • For a straight perm, straighten the hair after blow-drying (Do NOT rinse for this step).
    • Rinse for 10-15 seconds.
    • Apply the Brazilian Complex Smoothing Treatment conditioner.
    • Leave for 30 minutes.
    • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Total time of treatment: 2.5 hours

My drive home was just under an hour, and I drove with all windows down to speed up the drying process. Like any normal woman, I was impatient to see the results, but I arrived home with still damp hair. I took the risk and knocked out, anyway.

Saturday- My hair felt super dry, but I can’t complain. It was already dead and the texture was nothing new, however, it looked great Well, great to my expectations… as in ZERO frizz! It was humid all day, and not a trace of it came out.

I took advantage of how oily it looked (from sleeping with damp hair) and did a day’s worth of dirty work: work out, laundry, run with my dog, etc.

I washed my hair that night around 7 p.m. and let it air-dry. Nothing totally impressive happened. I brushed it, and like any other set of curly hair, I ended up with a mane.

**Do NOT use shampoo with sulfate**

Sunday- Brunch time called for a hair-do. I styled it, as usual, got ready, and hit what seemed like 100 percent humidity once again. I was sure I was going to come home with a frizz cloud, but I’d run my fingers through my hair and it felt so smooth… my roots didn’t feel thick from the weather. Out of curiosity, I looked for the nearest mirror, and I swear, I couldn’t believe how ‘together’ I still looked. By this time any other day, I would’ve had to go into depression mode, seriously!

Monday- I showered. Skipped the hair, of course! We all know how damaging it can be to wash it every day, so let’s move on. I applied a bit of Aragan oil and BAM! The above picture is what I ended up with. It’s only the end of day three after the treatment, but I cannot complain. It definitely took away 40 minutes of morning styling and a whole day of being self-conscious.

My thoughts? This is definitely an investment for women with busy lives!

-Lorena Lucero

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