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5 Reasons to Drink More Water

We’re all told as children to “drink more water because soft drinks are bad for your health.” We treat water as a chore when actually, it’s more of a favor to ourselves.

Honestly, it’s not rocket science. You can drink water for just one day and feel the difference!

Now that the blazing heat is here and we sweat more than usual, I feel it’s even more important to realize why you should drink more water.

5 Reasons to drink water

1. Reduce facial redness

When you’re out and about and hot, your thin, ‘web-like’ blood vessels surface because they dilate. This is what makes your face become red just by sitting in the sun. Water helps keep your insides cool, which helps reduce this effect. Good to know for pictures!

2. Eliminate eye bags

I’m not sure what it is about water that reduces eye bags, but since I’m naturally thin, it definitely comes in handy to be water-bloated versus looking sun-dried!

3. Wake up feeling refreshed

Drinking a bottle of water before bed prepares your body for the next 6-10 hours of fasting. When you wake up with a “not having it” attitude, your body is telling you it’s thirsty, not sleepy.

4. Improve the appearance of your skin

No one wants dry skin. That’s a fact. It’s not pretty to walk around with dry fingertips. I suffered from dry hands for a while, then realized I was wasting too much effort searching for the right lotion when I could’ve just chugged a bottle in under a minute.

5. Never need chapstick again

Ever wonder what it’s like to wake up with luscious lips? Wonder no more! Save yourself embarrassing ‘crusty lip’ moments-It’s worth it…

Confidence isn’t an accident, it’s done on purpose.┬áDrink water for the pleasure of looking and feeling great!

This isn’t a blog to make you quit other drinks… just drink double the fluids now ;). #drinkwater #behappy #lookbetter

Lorena Lucero

Don’t just drink water- Be a Pro!

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