Author: Lorena Lucero

Lorena is a Public Relations graduate who entered a world of professionalism not understanding what it would take to make it. Here, she shares what she learns along the way.

Austin, TX – Red Bud Isle #dogparks

Austin is known for having a liberal atmosphere. It’s also one of the most dog-friendly and eco-friendly cities in Texas; A huge contrast to the rest of the state! It’s home to one of the most recognized universities, and as if it even needs mention, it’s also the capital! Check

Lorena Lucero - How-to makeup for beginners

Makeup in a Nutshell

4 Easy Steps to Applying Makeup the Right Way! If you’re overwhelmed by the makeup movement, here is the process of applying makeup explained in four easy steps!

Lorena Lucero - boss look

1 Dress 3 Feels: Boss

Professionalism is in your demeanor, not in what you wear, but what you wear does affect how you act.

Lorena Lucero - H&M, Zara, DSW

1 Dress 3 Feels: Look Two – Trendy

I found that when you shop in your city, you end up with things everyone else has. I started holding on to my money and buying things only when I travel because department stores carry different items in different cities and more in other countries.

Lorena Lucero - H&M summer dress

1 Dress 3 Feels: Look One – Basic

“If you want to have money, you have to live cheap!” A quote from my cousin that resonates with me even now.

Lorena Lucero on Jose Cuervo Express

Jose Cuervo Express

Where does the Jose Cuervo Express operate? Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. You get a flight to Guadalajara and Air B&B for the night. Take a Taxi first thing in the morning to the train station where you’ll board a 2-hour train ride to the Tequila distillery.

KISS eyelashes on Lorena Lucero

5 Reasons why fake lashes are a great idea!

Time and time again, life has taught me to NOT be so judgmental because one day I may just be doing the same thing… Well, this is true with fake eyelashes.

Lorena Lucero - Family Houston

Family Houston

This was by far one of the most moving luncheons I’ve ever attended! But, before I start blabbering about everything that I loved about it, here’s brief information and for Hurricane Harvey victims as well as for families requiring help due to other circumstances.

Artist of the Il Palio Painting

The Unveiling – Artist Betirri at Fresco Cafe Italian

I have two very important things to highlight about The Unveiling event from two weeks ago! Betirri – the artist Fresco Cafe Italiano – the restaurant

Engaged to the Man of my dreams

I’ve always had this crazy idea that I was going to be a single mother for sure (by choice, obviously) and never married. I can tell you that no one truly ‘floated’ my boat, and it was really hard for me to not feel smothered or annoyed. I was fully