All Things London

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All Things London

There are so many places hidden behind what’s mainstream in London. Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tower of London are all breath-takers and photo-musts but don’t end your trip with only tourist attractions. Get to know the REAL London…

London along the River Thames

The Thames flows East to West across the City of London and Greater London with its mouth opening East into the North Sea.

North of the River Thames

Areas to visit

  • Kensington
    • Kensington Palace- Princess Diana’s home
    • If you like nice places, this area is for the posh!
  • Hyde Park
    • Where Winter Wonderland takes place every year.
    • Winter Wonderland- London
      Winter Wonderland- London
    • Princess Diana’s memorial fountain.
  • SOHO
    • Trendy, cheap, and LGBT approved!
    • China town

      China town, London- SOHO
      China town, London- SOHO
  • Covent Garden
    • It’s an outdoor, high-end, and trendy shopping center.

      Covent Garden shopping center
      Covent Garden shopping center
    • Apple Shop MUST-SEE.

      Apple Store- London
      Apple Store- London
    • Street performers are everywhere.

      Covent Garden street performers
      Covent Garden street performers
    • You can enjoy restaurants, pubs, and gift shops.
  • Buckingham Palace
    • Where Queen Elizabeth resides.
    • Changing of the guards (every 30 mins) at Horse Guards Parade.

      Horse Guard Parade
      Horse Guard Parade
    • St. James Park (amazing for picnics).
  • Westminister
    • The politicians’ hub

      Palace of Westminister
      Palace of Westminister
    • Cardinal Place (a posh shopping mall)
    • Westminister Abbey
      • It’s a Gothic Church.
      • Still offers daily services to the public, and tourists are welcome.
      • Coronations take place here.

        Westminister Abbey
        Westminister Abbey
    • Palace of Westminister (meeting place for the governing bodies of the UK)
    • Big Ben
      • The master clock is under construction for the next 4 years… You won’t get a good view of it until then, but it truly is a landmark!

        Big Ben, London Eye
        Big Ben is part of the Palace of Westminister
  • City of London
    • Bank of England
    • The skyscrapers (My three fave)
      • 30 St Mary Axe The Gherkin
      • The Leadenhall Building The Cheesegrater 
      • 20 Fenchurch The Walkie Talkie

        London's skyline
        (left to right) The Walkie Talkie, The Cheesegrater, The Gherkin (View from City Hall- Underground center)
    • London Bridge Tower Bridge
    • London BridgeLondon Bridge from a distance


    • Old wharfs turned into apartments, pubs, shops, restaurants.
    • St. Paul’s Cathedral
      • Iconic Catholic gothic-style church
  • Tower of London
    • A paid attraction- But def recommend!
    • Built to be a Royal residence, but eventually became a prison where many royal figures faced torture and eventually death.
      • The two Princes in the tower
      • Elizabeth I
      • Executions for espionage.
      • Not just a castle, it’s a community. People still live there!
  • Tower Bridge London Bridge
    • ICONIC

      Tower of London
      Tower of London

South of the River Thames

Across Tower Bridge

  • Southwark
    • Potters Field Park
      • Great for picnics
      • The park always hosts seasonal outdoor markets representing every culture.

        Potters Fields Park
        Potters Fields Park
    • City Hall
      • Glass buildings everywhere.
      • The mayor’s office (impressive building… round building on the map).
      • Underground satellite restaurant center
    • The Aqua Shard (another fave building!)
      • Tallest building in London.
      • An inexpensive restaurant with an amazing view!

        Mayor's office (round building) and The Shard
        Mayor’s office (round building) and The Shard
    • London Bridge- Borough Market
      • Amazing street food!
      • Made-to-order chocolate.
      • Fresh prosciutto and cheeses sold.
      • Wine and beer tastings
      • A very ‘local’ place to visit
  • Southbank
    • Great place for beer, food and a great view of North London any time of the day!
    • Super lively– ALL THE TIME!
    • Customers are mainly businessmen and women.
    • BFI IMAX- biggest theatre I’ve ever seen!
  • London Eye
    • It always has a long line!!

      London Eye
      London Eye- It’s much bigger than it seems here!

Check off all of these places to go on your next trip to London!

Lorena Lucero

Don’t just go to London, Be a Pro!

Here are a few more photos from the trip to enjoy!

London Guard with Horse

Covent Garden during Christmas
Covent Garden during Christmas
Buckinham Palace
Buckinham Palace

LondonAll_Things_London 27 Lorena LuceroLondon undergroundLondonLondon pubs

A village in London
A village in London

All_Things_London 5 Lorena LuceroAll_Things_London 9 Lorena Lucero

MI6- UK's intelligence building
MI6- UK’s intelligence building
parks in London
Parks in London
All_Things_London 21 Lorena Lucero
Oaxaca… and it’s Tex-Mex
All_Things_London 20 Lorena Lucero
Along South River Thames during winter

All_Things_London 19 Lorena LuceroAll_Things_London 31 Lorena Lucero

All_Things_London 43 Lorena Lucero
London postal box

All_Things_London 42 Lorena LuceroAll_Things_London 58 Lorena Lucero

London pubs
The lights lit up to the tune of the music

All_Things_London 62 Lorena LuceroAll_Things_London 63 Lorena LuceroAll_Things_London 64 Lorena Lucero

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