Taco Cabana

Did you know that a ‘taco’ is a cylindrical object made of paper that wraps ignitable material such as gunpowder or dynamite.

This taco tool was stuffed into small diggings in mines to create explosions that would make excavation easier.

Mexican food is widely known for its spicy tendencies, so when it’s wrapped in a tortilla and put in the mouth, the bite is supposed to have the effect of an explosion in a hole, just like a taco! So, if you’re wondering whether its normal to suffer while you eat your tacos—yes, this is when a man proves that he’s a man!

Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana supports that culture by giving Mexican recipes an American twist—cooking the meat to its juiciest capacity and making flavorful salsas that are spicy enough to give a kick, but mild enough to keep you wanting more!

Let’s start off with their margaritas… I remember turning 21 and going over for my first drink to show off my ID. Being a semi-fast food restaurant, I thought the margaritas were going to be a drop short of a virgin drink, but boy, with just one, I couldn’t complain about their generosity.

I’ve gone to other Mexican cuisines and ordered drinks that usually take two to feel a buzz… Not that the buzz is important to me… Taco Cabana now serves their margaritas with premium 100% Blue Agave Lunazul for only $3.00 at happy hour ;). You can thank me later!

Taco Cabana also recently rolled out three flavors of flame-grilled chicken breast tacos, which of course, I tried. I admit that I didn’t like the grilled and onion taco… not very fond of onion and didn’t realize what I was biting into. The taste completely put me off. However, they do have a bacon wrapped jalapeño taco which was AMAZING. Personally, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with bacon in anything. Lastly, they have a cheesy chicken taco with melted cheddar and Monterey Jack. Classic. The tacos can be a little greasy so don’t let them sit too long. My tortillas got soggy. Overall, if you’re looking for fast, cheap, and tasty Mexican food (Tex-Mex, in my opinion), Taco Cabana won’t disappoint you!

As I mentioned before, you can’t have a taco experience without the kick, and if you want to take your manhood to another level, try one of Taco Cabana’s side salsas as well!

Lorena Lucero

Don’t just eat a taco—Be a Pro!

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