Freedom over Texas

Lorena Lucero Freedom over Texas

I have to admit, I live in a pretty amazing state. I complain about the traffic, the heat, the distance, and even the bills, but at the end of the day, I don’t see myself firing up the grill anywhere else.

Top 10 reasons Texas is the best:

  1. We’re free. Yes, I HAVE to brag about the number one thing the USA is known for! Grant it, we can’t do everything, but we can make an easy buck, go out anytime without feeling that it’s a life or death decision, have many jobs throughout our career without feeling sinful, and we can ALL own a gun!
  2. We hunt. Ok, maybe other countries hunt, too, but c’mon, it’s not the same. Texas is known for our cowboys, buff men, camouflage, rifles, and our darn juicy meat!
  3. Prices. We don’t pay state taxes, and you sure get more living space for your buck! That means more space to breath or more shopping cha-ching! You can’t really beat more money in the pocket, can you?
  4. Air conditioner. OK, it’s hot here, but A/C is our way of life, You wouldn’t really notice the heat or humidity unless you’re outside too long (by the way, check out my frizz and fly-away eliminator blog here… It truly changed my morning routine!). Find some shade, and grab yourself a hand fan. You’ll be fine! Or, you can always buy a jacket and stay indoors ;).
  5. Food. Texas has many diversified cities. You can find any type of food. Do you like Asian? We have it! Middle Eastern? It’s here! Latin American? Of course! European? Everywhere! Are you craving some sort of authentic African cuisine? PLEASE be our guest, and start these menus already… we’re long overdue for more tender, exotic meats. Oh, and no, I can’t forget to include our on-the-go U.S. American food, fast food!
  6. Jobs. Employment has never been a problem, at least for me. From waitressing to corporate, I’ve always found something that suits my needs and is still enough to support me… even if I was barely making it! I think my biggest problem was finding the time to work, but the State truly takes care of us.
  7. Sports. OMG, we’re big on sports! Like any other state, we’re patriotic of our teams. My only complaint? I only wish soccer was a bigger deal here. Yes, soccer.
  8. Accents. Everywhere I go, people know where I’m from. It’s like it’s written all over my face. All I have to say is “Hey, y’all!” I don’t complain though, I love the attention!
  9. Hospitality. I’m not really sure if it’s a southern thang or a Texas thang, but I haven’t met people so friendly as when I’m in Texas! When I accidentally bump into someone, I’m not really sure whose fault it really was, but we’re both super sorry it had to happen.
  10. Country. No, I’m not so much into country music, but I am into country-style fashion. Boots, loose dress, and a cardigan. Comfort and style, period.

Can your state beat mine? I think not, but you can always try!

Lorena Lucero

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