PRSA Excalibur Awards Gala, 2017

Lorena Lucero PRSA Excalibur Awards Gala

PRSA Excalibur Awards Gala, 2017

First, I’ll explain what I got my myself into Thursday night– Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is THE organization to be in if you’ve studied Public Relations or any discipline of communications. This network provides our profession with development opportunities, sets standards of excellence, and upholds principles of ethics for PR. I became involved during my undergraduate sophomore year when I joined Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) as Director of Programming… All of this background information, however, is beside the point!

The gala was hosted at the HESS Club, which can’t go without saying, are amazing at what they do! It’s the perfect venue for receptions, conferences and, of course, galas! The staff have been in the business for over 30 years, and believe me, we couldn’t have wanted another team… Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Nights like these are meant for recognizing the best of the best, and that night proved why the University of Houston’s reputations continues to skyrocket towards a positive light! I’m proud to say that our C.T. Bauer College of Business, as well as the University itself, won awards in almost every category– GO COOGS! I cannot stop bragging about the night’s MC, Melissa Wilson, co-anchor of FOX 26. She is one of the most charismatic women I’ve met and so full of energy. A true talent to the network! Elmore Public Relations took the Grand Excalibur Award, and it was very well deserved for making us aware of an incredibly unique and historic place of our hometown- the Cistern, whose architecture features 221 25-foot tall columns… Definitely worth visiting! I attended the event with my mentor, Lisa Ashley, and our colleagues at Port Houston.

Dressing up for the event almost required an entire bottle of anti-stress pills. Walk the Red Carpet’s theme color was rightfully red and we were all encouraged to dress in our reddest garments… or at least hint of it somewhere on us. I, thinking it’d be no biggie, waited until Tuesday… TWO DAYS BEFORE the event and found nothing. Luckily, Charlie Chanaratsopon was born and blessed us all with Charming Charlie… Lorena was saved!

Outfit: Banana Republic jumpsuit, Charmin Charlie necklace & earrings set and over-the-shoulder wallet, Michael Kors suede heels.

I’ll leave you with some photos of the night’s excitement!

prsa blog dressing room
I couldn’t decide whether to keep the belt, but last minute gut conscious told me to leave it!
prsa blog walk the red carpet
Like a boss
prsa blog food
Topped off with amazing food
prsa blog venue
Elmore Public Relations takes the Grand Excalibur Award tonight!
prsa blog port houston1
But on a more serious note.
Prsa blog MC
With our MC of the night. Melissa Wilson, co-anchor of FOX 26.
prsa blog award1
Delivering the Grand Excalibur. Very much deserved, Elmore!
prsa blog aha moment
The moment everyone was waiting for!

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