Lorena Lucero - boss look

1 Dress 3 Feels: Boss

Professionalism is in your demeanor, not in what you wear, but what you wear does affect how you act.

For a while, I struggled to dress professionally in Houston because it’s not weather permitted. It’s hot and humid outside and freezing when you walk into any establishment. Here, you have to be layered up for those moments that you’ll be indoors for a while but in a way that you could walk out and not suffer a heat stroke!

This is where this outfit comes into play. Light enough to QUICKLY get from point A to point B, and layered enough to stay warm everywhere else!

Lorena Lucero - boss look

  • Linen blazer: Banana Republic, Houston
  • Striped dress: H&M, Houston
  • Ripped jeans: Zara, Mexico City
  • Nude heels: DSW, Houston
  • Necklace and watch: City Market, Guadalajara

Don’t just dress up for Houston, Be a Pro!

Lorena Lucero

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